About Us

With our powers combined, we are captain less-carbon-intense planet! A little bit about us… 

Courtney Small has two idols – MacKenzie McHale and Michael Bloomberg.  She would like the give the urgency to climate issues that Mac gives to the news & thinks Mike Bloomberg is a rockstar bureaucrat making pragmatic sustainability policy happen.

Courtney is interested in gaining mass appreciation for climate issues (sans scaring everyone).  She thinks sustainability can be cool  and climate information can be more normal-person-friendly (& you can too!).  She has experience is sustainability policy research, marketing in the private and public sectors, and plans many events highlighting sustainability strategies that could use a little more attention.  She has a B. A. in Sociology from Gettysburg College and a M.S. in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.

Is Margot Machado Knuth:

a) A kind of edible flower.

b) An individual with experience as a researcher, analyst and coordinator who frequently gets irritated by the state of corporate social responsibility and believes that putting some thought into operating ethically/sustainably can change the world. This person may be fluent in Spanish, French and German and have a J.D. from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid with a business degree from the Centro Universitario Villanueva, also of Madrid, poorly stapled onto it. There is a chance she’s a member of the Bar of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain which unfortunately does not grant her access to a single YMCA location in Brooklyn.

c) What happens to zucchinis when they go bad.


Margot & Courtney are both guilty of the following: thinking people should be nice, having goofy senses of humor, and being environmental/efficiency nerds.


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